Case study

Analytics success story: FRANCE TÉLÉVISIONS

France Télévisions and AT Internet decipher how audiences use smart TV

The leading French broadcasting group, France Télévisions is made up of 5 national channels (France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5 and France Ô, accessible in both mainland France and its overseas territories) as well as an overseas network.  


Customer: France Télévisions

France Télévisions places digital media at the core of its strategy, notably through the Internet, smart TV, mobile, and social networks. Discover how France Télévisions analyses its web and mobile users’ behaviours across its digital ecosystem in order to improve its digital content.

“AT Internet’s behavioural analyses are essential in helping us evolve our interactive services towards an offer that is completely adapted to smart TV in terms of content, design and usability.” Claire Morlon, Market research manager, France Télévisions  


The challenge

The broadcasting group’s marketing goals for this initiative were to deploy its smart TV services as widely as possible by targeting the maximum number of users on its existing platforms, and according to the standards in place (HBBTV, IPTV, manufacturer portals, etc.). This would allow France Télévisions to offer the general public the richest TV experience possible, while expanding their services and strengthening their multichannel strategy. In terms of digital analytics, the aim is to provide a maximum number of relevant performance indicators to:

  • Test online user behaviour on the different platforms and services related to smart TV: traffic coming from digital terrestrial TV (DTT), Internet TV boxes, game consoles and “second screen” apps.
  • Optimise usability on all platforms, maximise usage and renew the offer of interactive services.



AT Internet’s web analytics solution has enabled France Télévsions to test how audiences are using their different platforms by measuring viewer interactions and the customer journey. Today, the digital teams focus more on optimising and renewing smart TV services. Viewer behaviour analysis means France Télévisions can enhance and further develop their applications to improve usability, make them easier to use and understand, and identify formats and designs which are the most suited to smart TV and user experience (UX). AT Internet data analysis also greatly contributes to decisions on which interactive, enriched content should be published online, and which technical formats and designs should be used. The next big challenge for France Télévisions will be to examine viewer engagement, once it knows more about the traffic coming from the user base, and once traffic volumes are more substantial. 



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